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        There are many types of coffee packaging and various materials(Eg:Coffee Zipper Bag,Aluminum Foil Coffee Bag,Coffee Side Gusset Bags,Coffee Bags Plastic). Don't think that coffee packaging is just some of the colorful little bags you usually see. In fact, the world of coffee packaging is very exciting. The following is a brief introduction to the knowledge of coffee packaging.
        According to the form of coffee supply, coffee packaging can be basically divided into three categories: green bean export packaging, roasted coffee bean (powder) packaging, and instant coffee packaging.
        And different types of coffee packaging materials are not the same, the general raw bean export packaging material is relatively simple is ordinary sack material. There are also no special material requirements for instant coffee packaging, which basically uses general food packaging materials.
        The packaging of coffee beans (powder) generally uses opaque plastic composite materials and environmentally friendly kraft paper composite materials due to the requirements of anti-oxidation.
        If you need to buy Coffee Zipper Bag,Aluminum Foil Coffee Bag,Coffee Side Gusset Bags,Coffee Bags Plastic, you can contact us.

        If you're running a coffee bean or ground coffee business, or some other business that handles coffee regularly, like a coffee shop, café, or retail store, you need to have the best bags for coffee beans and bags for ground coffee. 

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