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        Plastic Pet Food Cat Litter Packaging Stand Up Pouch Wholesale

        Quick Details
        Western Union,T/T
        Place of Origin:
        Support Express · Sea freight · Land freight · Air freight
        Supply Ability:
        380000 dozen per month
        Quick Details
        • Product Name
          Pet food bag
        • Usage
          Pet food packaging
        • Materials
          Laminated food grade materials
        • Color
          Up to 12 Colors
        • Size
          Customized sizes
        • Design
          Customized designs
        • Logo
          Customized logo
        • Samples
          Free (Available samples)
        • Application
          for dog, cat, bird, animal food packing
        • Capacity
        • Printing
          Gravure printing
        • MOQ
        Shipping fee
        Shipping fee
        Inquiry Basket
        Contact Supplier

        food packaging bags film manufacturers

        Product NameResealable Stand Up Ziplock Pouch For Cat Food Litter Packing
        ItemPet Food Bag
        Printing Gravure Printing (up to 12 colors pringting)
        MaterialPET/AL/PE; PET/VMPET/ PE; According to customer's demand
        Sizecustomized sizes
        PackagingCarton / pallet
        Free SampleAvailable
        Artwork fileAI/PDF/CRD, at least 300 dpi resolution
        Payment50% T/T advance and 50% balance 
        Feature1) Laminated material, strong; duarable2) Resealable; non-leakage, keep food fresh, shock resistance3) Food grade safe, for pet food, animal feed, etc.


        Product Description


        • Establish Better Brand Awareness: Packaging has been an important branding and sales tool already. Packages that lie on the shelves provide minimum visibility, whereas, stand up pouches act like its own poster or hoarding by standing upright on the shelf. They offer better visibility and space for high-resolution graphics to attract consumers.
        • Product display: The major focus for the stand-up pouch is to display the pouch contents and show the inside product. A stand-up laminated pouch will highlight your product neatly, also avoid distorting the shape. Also, the important and mandatory information listed on the packet is clearly visible from a distance, in case of stand-up pouches.
        • Promote and Sell: Stand up pouches come in varieties of sizes and lengths across different market segments. In this, the primary focus for a pouch is to offer smaller or sample quantities of products to promote them and build brand awareness. The promo packs take up less space and are perfect for packing a sample size. The promo packs allow the consumer to experience your product without any commitment to buy.
        • Preserve and Protect: Stand up pouches are not only excellent for displaying your product, but also have ability to store and protect. The gauge of the pouch plays a crucial role in protecting any kind of product, including a sharp or bulky object. Although, you can use these bags to store freezer items. When selecting a bag, consider the gauge and some special additives in the material that are essential for preserving and protecting products.
        • Convenience and Portability: These flexible stand-up pouches occupy less space on the shelf or kitchen shelf than jars or boxes. They can be carried or transported from one place to another without any hassles and leakage issues. In addition to this, they feature a re-closable zipper. This helps the consumer to re-seal the pack if some content is remaining in the pouch.
        • Sustainability and Savings: Like all flexible packaging, stand up pouches need fewer materials and less energy to make. Rigid packaging costs three times more energy per unit than stand up pouches. This means laminated stand-up pouches offer cost savings and better profit margin for the business. When it comes to distribution, more units of stand-up pouches fit in a single-vehicle and thus help save fuel costs as well.




        Pet food bags are used for all kind of pet food packaging, the pouches are made with the reclosable zipper for reuse purpose.  In order to protect the food inside, all pet food bags are made with the high barrier material to make sure they have a longer shelf life.

        Different zippers:

         zipper_cropped_square.Pngslider-stand-up-close-up.Jpgaplix - square.Jpg


        There have four main pet food bags in the market: flat pouch, stand up pouch, gusset pouch, block bottom pouch.  Flat pouches and stand up pouches are used for small volume pet food packaging, gusset pouches, and block bottom pouches are used for large volume ones.



        The proper pouches will bring pet food with good palatability protection, aroma shield, and improved self-supporting stability, also with zipper then makes the pouch are easy to open and close options. Our professional packaging team makes sure that every clients receives personalized solution based on their brands and packing necessities. 




        How to packing before shipment.


        packaing informations.jpg




        What is a pet food bag made of?

        A pet food bag can feature sturdy materials that will keep the inside contents fresh.

        A polypropylene-based plastic material like CPP or PET can appear in your pet food bag.

        The plastic compound needs to be safe for food use and should not include any BPA compounds or other harmful items.

        How do you open your pet food bag?

        You can use a small tab on the top part of a pet food bag to open its body.

        Some pet food bags come with zippers, although they appear underneath the tab that opens the bag the first time.

        How can you seal a pet food bag?

        A resealable zipper can appear on many pet food bags.

        What types of pet food bags can work?

        There are many pet food bag styles that you can use today:

        • A standup pouch will feature a design that will stay upright when on a flat surface.
        • A gusset bag will include an opening part that helps to keep air from getting stuck inside.
        • A flat pouch may also work for smaller food items.

        How large can a pet food bag be?

        From a dimensional standpoint, pet food bags can be about 30 to 120 cm in width.

        A bag can also be 400 cm high, although that would be for bulk foods.

        The size of the bag will vary based on the pet food type you’re securing.

        A larger bag can handle more food, but it can also take in more weight without tearing.

        What kinds of pet food could you add in a pet food bag?

        Your pet food bag can support various types of food:

        • Traditional kibble materials are ideal for a larger bag.
        • You can also include treats in a smaller bag.
        • Nutritional supplements for pets with special dietary needs can also go inside some smaller bags.

        Are these pet food bags available for pets of all sorts?

        You can get a pet food bag ready for any pet, including a cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig, mouse, or another domesticated mammal.

        Is it safe for you to leave the pet food bag open?

        Avoid leaving a bag open, as air can cause the food to spoil.

        Also, you don’t want to leave it open so your pet could leaf through the bag and grab food without your permission.

        What can you do about sealing the pet food bag if you don’t have a zipper on the top?

        A bag clip should be good provided that the clip is sturdy and the bag itself is rolled well enough.

        What should you do when storing a pet food bag?

        There are many things for you to do when storing a pet food bag the right way:

        • Keep your bag in a dry area, so added moisture would not get in the way of your food.
        • Make sure the bag is sealed all the way through.
        • Keep the food in a dark place, as sunlight could add excess heat to the food.

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