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        What are the Commonly Used Food Grade Plastic Bag Materials?

        June 09,2022

        When using plastic packaging, pay attention to:


        1. do not use plastic bags for cooked food, especially do not use colored plastic bags for cooked food. Colored plastic bags belong to recycled plastic bags. The colorants used usually contain benzopyrene, which is a strong carcinogen. After contact with food, it may be transferred to food and be harmful to health. In addition, the higher the temperature of the food, the more grease, and the more harmful substances in the plastic bag melt out.


        plastic bag


        1. normal fresh-keeping bags or films shall be used for fresh-keeping of fruits and vegetables as far as possible. Normal and qualified fresh-keeping bags or bags have good air permeability and safety. Oxygen can circulate, which can effectively prevent the propagation of anaerobic bacteria, while ordinary plastic bags can not achieve the purpose of fresh-keeping.


        1. ordinary plastic packaging bags should not be heated in the microwave oven as far as possible. Ordinary plastic films contain plasticizers, which are easy to release during the heating process. When heating food in a microwave oven, the packaging container with "special for microwave oven" shall be selected.


        1. do not put a plastic bag in the bowl to contain hot food. To save time, some vendors on the roadside often put a plastic bag on the bowl to contain hot and sour powder, bean curd, small noodles, and other food. This is very unhealthy behavior. Harmful substances in plastic bags are easy to be separated in case of high temperature and grease, which is not conducive to health.


        1. do not use plastic bottled oil. Try to use glass, ceramics, stainless steel, and other containers to hold edible oil.


        Finally, it is recommended to use fewer or no plastic bags for food, especially for hot or hot food. From the perspective of environmental protection, it is recommended to bring their own environmental protection shopping bags when shopping, reduce the use of plastic bags, and pay attention to the classification and recycling of garbage bags. If you have used plastic bags to contain food before, don't worry too much. As long as the harmful substances do not exceed the national standards, they will not cause damage to the human body. In addition, the human body has the metabolic function of plasticizers and other harmful substances. As long as they are not consumed in large quantities for a long time, don't worry too much.


        Common food-grade plastic bags


        1. PET plastic is usually used in the manufacture of plastic boxes, beverage bottles, and other products. The usually purchased transparent fruit boxes and cake boxes are packaging products made of pet sheets, which are food-grade safety plastic materials.


        1. HDPE, commonly known as high-density polyethylene plastic, has a high temperature, hardness, mechanical strength, and good chemical resistance. Safety is a common non-toxic material in the production of plastic food containers.


        1. pp plastic is a common plastic, which can be made into any food plastic packaging, such as special food plastic bags, food plastic boxes, food straws, etc., safe, non-toxic, low-temperature, and high-temperature resistant. Polypropylene is a kind of plastic that can be heated in a microwave oven. It has high strength and folding resistance. 50000 times of falling at -20 ℃ will not be damaged. Food grade polypropylene sheets are often used for quick-frozen dumplings and microwave-heated food packaging.


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