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        Common Types of Plastic Bags(1)

        June 09,2022

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        Pet (polyethylene terephthalate) - food-grade plastic material with a shelf life


        PET material was originally used as artificial fiber, such as film, tape, etc. It was only used in drink bottles in 1976. Pet is used as the filling container, which is commonly known as (a Baote bottle).


        flat bottom clear plastic paper bags wholesale


        Both bottles have excellent hardness and toughness, are lightweight (only 1/9 -1/15 of the weight of a glass bottle), are easy to carry and use, have low energy consumption during production, and have the characteristics of airtightness, non-volatile, acid and alkali resistance. Therefore, in recent years, it has become an important filling container for carbonated beverages, tea, fruit juice, packaged drinking water, wine, soy sauce, and other products. In addition to the above-mentioned uses, it is also often used as a packaging bottle of detergent, shampoo, food oil, condiment, sweet food, medicine, cosmetics, and alcoholic beverages.


        PET material is heat-resistant to 70 ℃ and cold resistant to minus 20 ℃. Therefore, it is only suitable for warm or frozen drinks. If it is filled with high-temperature liquid or heated, it is easy to deform, and substances harmful to the human body will dissolve.


        However, scientists have found that after 10 months of use, this plastic product may release carcinogens and be toxic to humans. Therefore, PET beverage bottles should be discarded when they are used up. They should not be used as water cups or storage containers to hold other items, so as not to cause health problems.


        HDPE (high-density polyethylene) - not recommended for food unless otherwise noted


        HDPE material has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance (110 ℃), good hardness, high mechanical strength, and chemical corrosion resistance. It is also a non-toxic and safe material.


        It is usually used to make plastic containers for food, such as holding cleaning products, bath products, etc. At present, most of the plastic bags used in supermarkets and shopping malls are made of this material. Because it feels very fragile, it is often used to make saddle bags.


        HDPE containers can be reused after careful cleaning, but these containers are usually not easy to clean, leaving the original cleaning supplies and becoming a hotbed of bacteria, so recycling is not recommended. In addition, the plastic bags marked for food can be used to contain food, and it is best not to heat them in a microwave oven.


        PVC (polyvinyl chloride) - is not recommended to be used as a food-grade material and must not be heated!


        The invention of PVC material is quite early, and it is widely used in industrial products. PVC also has the advantages of other plastic materials and is quite good in processing and plasticity. In addition, it is cheap and widely used, but most of it is in nonfood aspects, such as water pipes, raincoats, schoolbags, building materials, plastic films, plastic boxes, etc. In terms of container use, it is mainly used for filling vegetable oil, detergent, cake box, and packaging drinking water.


        However, plastic products made of this material are prone to produce two kinds of toxic and harmful substances from two aspects:


        1. In the process of bottle making, filling, recycling, and reprocessing, monomolecular vinyl chloride that has not been fully polymerized will be released, and long-term inhalation of vinyl chloride will lead to lung cancer;


        1. Hazardous substances in plasticizers. These two substances are easy to precipitate when encountering high temperatures and grease. After the toxic substances enter the human body with food, they are easy to cause cancer.


        In recent years, people have a high awareness of environmental protection, and PVC containers have been rarely used to package food. If you happen to encounter this PVC container, do not let it be heated when using it!


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