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        5 Factors to Consider When Design Pet Food Packaging

        June 09,2022

        custom printed food packaging gusseted bags

        Using eye-catching and informative packaging to evoke emotions from your customers is a terrific way to market your product. But there are several other ways for your business to approach your pet food packaging design. In this article, we will provide you with ten great tips to consider when designing the packaging for your pet food products.


        Use Enticing Graphics and Illustrations


        custom printed food packaging gusseted bags


        Graphics and illustrations are critical aspects of any pet food packaging design. The primary goal of your packaging is to stand out on the shelves, which is why the branding and design choices you make are critical.


        Consumers have learned to expect more aesthetically sophisticated packaging, especially when shopping for pet food and supplies. Consumers prefer packaging designs that complement their lifestyles. Photographs of happy, lively, and energetic pets on the packaging will give your target market a sense of familiarity and confidence when purchasing your product.; even the breeds of pets in the pictures can send a message to your target market.


        Choose Your Colors and Fonts Wisely


        Choosing the proper color and font for all elements, including language, graphics, and even the product itself, is an essential part of the design process. In addition, you want the packaging to be noticeable, but not overbearing. This means your packaging’s colors should complement and improve your product rather than compete or clash with it.


        Consider thinking forward and creating visuals that can be used within an entire product line, rather than just a single product. Choose a font that is both distinctive and readable, as well as one that complements the product’s logo. Furthermore, choose bold colors that will make your product stand out from your competitors and entice customers to grab it off the shelf right away.


        Include a Window Display


        There is a lot of variation in terms of shapes and colors when it comes to pet food. But there is something to be said about allowing customers to see what your product looks like for themselves.


        Make the Packaging User-Friendly


        When designing your packaging, consider who you are selling to and what they’ll find appealing about your product. Before beginning on the design of the packaging, consider how the item will be used and make the process as easy as possible. For example, if your product requires customers to pour the contents, consider including a handle for easy pouring. If the product is a multi-use item, ensure the packaging can easily be resealed.


        Furthermore, safety is crucial, especially when it comes to pet food products. To improve safety and prevent manipulation, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has tight packaging standards, so be sure to review them throughout the entire product packaging design process.


        Think Sustainable


        Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental effects of their purchasing habits, which means many businesses should consider designing packaging that is more environmentally friendly as part of their brand strategy. Design a package that not only protects the product but also reduces waste. This often means getting rid of unnecessary packaging materials that don’t make your product better, including extra layers of bags, boxes, and plastic.


        For more information about custom printed food packaging gusseted bags, we are glad to answer for you.



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