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        3?Packaging Design Tips for Pet Food Products

        June 09,2022

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        As the pet industry continues to grow, many businesses are concentrating on creating a positive experience for both their customers and their pets. However, creating efficient packaging, regardless of the industry, can be difficult.


        3 Design Tips for Pet Food Products


        dog food packaging bag film suppliers manufacturers


        With competition in the pet food industry being more competitive than ever, it takes much more for businesses to reach their customers than creating a unique product. That being said, we’ve compiled a list of 10 packaging design tips to provide you with some tips and tricks when designing the packaging for your pet food products.


        ??Use Larger Sizes


        Because pet food products are needed for a longer period of time, large bags are preferred over smaller containers. If you choose to use a quad bag, the primary display panel will most likely be located at the bottom of the packaging or on the side panel, as it is shown on shelves. This is done so that these points can be seen at a glance and customers can get a sense of the product’s benefits and values.


        Additionally, when it is possible, incorporate the bag’s barrier needs into your product design, as it is critical to seal in the flavor and freshness. The pet packaging’s silver substrate allows the silver to shine through, giving it a shiny appearance.


        ??Informational Packaging


        The success of your pet food brand is primarily determined by how your company will stand out to your target market on the shelves amongst your competitors. While net weight, production date, company address, expiration date, FSSAI, MRP, storage guidelines and usage directions must all be included on the package and label, there are several other components that you should consider, as well.


        On the front of the packaging design, include a few of the key ingredients and nutritional values that were used. Additionally, include information about bioavailability, organic ingredients, GMO status, and information about preservative use.


        On the reverse of your pet food packaging design, make sure that you include as much information about your product as possible. This includes the specific ingredients that were used, sourcing information, how the product was created, and hygienic processing methods.


        While it may seem like a lot of information to include, all of this will help ensure your pet food brand doesn’t get lost in the crowd.


        ??Use Enticing Graphics and Illustrations


        Graphics and illustrations are critical aspects of any pet food packaging design. The primary goal of your packaging is to stand out on the shelves, which is why the branding and design choices you make are critical.


        Consumers have learned to expect more aesthetically sophisticated packaging, especially when shopping for pet food and supplies. Consumers prefer packaging designs that complement their lifestyles. Photographs of happy, lively, and energetic pets on the packaging will give your target market a sense of familiarity and confidence when purchasing your product.; even the breeds of pets in the pictures can send a message to your target market.


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